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We hope that everyone is doing well during this difficult Coronavirus situation. We are praying for a prompt end to this virus and for things to get back to normal. We Americans are strong, optimistic and full of life and we will not let this get us down. There is no reason to be depressed or panicked - think positive because according to the Torah, our minds influence our realities.

Please be aware that our office has been open and will continue to be open barring any unforeseen circumstances. We are here from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday - Friday and I can always be reached on my cell phone after hours and on weekends. My cell phone number is 561-212-2968. We are at full capacity and are ready and willing to deal with any legal needs that you might have.

Thank you and G-d bless.

Top 10 Worst Excuses in Traffic Court

  1. I was just keeping up with traffic

  2. I was going 50 miles per hour not 60 in the 40 mile per hour zone

  3. My speedometer was broken

  4. I was speeding just for a brief moment in order to pass another vehicle

  5. I have been driving on that road for 10 years without incident

  6. The light was yellow when I entered the intersection

  7. What was wrong with my California stop (Florida law requires a full stop)

  8. Your radar got the wrong car

  9. The other vehicle hit my vehicle so how could I be at fault (the question is not who hit who but rather who violated a traffic law)

  10. The officer did not show me his radar print out (not required to).
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