No ConvictionDUI Accident / Boca / Reduced to Reckless Driving
Invalidated at DMV HearingDUI Accident Refusal Suspension
Dismissed2nd DUI / Palm Beach / All Evidence Suppressed Unlawful Detention
Dismissed2nd DUI / Broward / All Evidence Suppressed Unlawful Detention
Client Found Not GuiltyCriminal Mischief / Broward
No Suspension / No PointsSpeeding 126 MPH in a 45
DismissedWife Accused of Domestic Violence Boca
Settled for 10K Policy LimitsAuto Accident/Zero Property Damage

Violation of Traffic Control Devices (Stop Sign, Red Light, etc.)

These types of tickets can be charged under Florida Statute 316.074 (stop signs, etc.) and Florida Statute 316.075 (red lights, etc.) and can result in three (3) points being assessed against the citizen’s driver license. In Florida, a citizen must come to a complete stop at stop signs (no rolling or so called California stops are allowed). Many of the current red light violations involve the use of cameras and the citizen receives Notice of the Violation in the mail. Whether you are driving your vehicle or not, you will be the one receiving a Red Light Camera Violation ticket if the vehicle involved is owned by you. The statutes implicated for Red Light Camera Tickets are very detailed and are rife with grounds for dismissal.

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