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The Traffic Stop (Must Read)

Pulling Over

If you have any reason to believe that a police vehicle is pursuing you, pull over as quickly and safely as possible. The police do not want to hear that you did not think it was you that was being pursued and you do not want to aggravate the officer nor be charged with Felony Fleeing.

Current License, Registration And Insurance

The police will almost always immediately request that you provide these three (3) documents. So, always have these documents with you and at your immediate disposal. If you cannot find them quickly or cannot find them at all, you will be issued multiple tickets instead of 1 ticket. In addition, make sure that all of these documents are up to date –a registration or driver license that is expired for more than 4 months will result in a criminal ticket being issued instead of just an infraction.

Open Containers Of Alcohol

Never ever have any open containers of alcohol in your car. For this you can be charged with an infraction or a municipal ordinance violation and you will almost guarantee a DUI investigation on the spot.


A bad attitude can turn into a real nightmare. It could result in a prolonged stop (officer will take his sweet time), additional tickets, a request to exit the vehicle, a request to search the vehicle, etc. etc. Avoid statements like “get a real job”, “I could buy you and sell you”, “why are you not doing real police work”, "Can I see your radar" (not entitled), meeting your monthly quota officer", “who is your supervisor”, and “what is your badge number”. Be courteous so you can get the heck out of there as soon as possible.

Signing The Ticket

The law in Florida is that you are obligated to sign any ticket that the officer gives you or else you can and will be charged with a Refusal to Sign 2nd Degree Misdemeanor contrary to Florida Statute 318.14. Signing your name is not an admission of guilt and cannot be used against you in Court.

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