A Message From The Law Office of Edward J. Kone, P.A.

We hope that everyone is doing well during this difficult Coronavirus situation. We are praying for a prompt end to this virus and for things to get back to normal. We Americans are strong, optimistic and full of life and we will not let this get us down. There is no reason to be depressed or panicked - think positive because according to the Torah, our minds influence our realities.

Please be aware that our office has been open and will continue to be open barring any unforeseen circumstances. We are here from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday - Friday and I can always be reached on my cell phone after hours and on weekends. My cell phone number is 561-212-2968. We are at full capacity and are ready and willing to deal with any legal needs that you might have.

Thank you and G-d bless.

The Dos And Dont's Of Traffic Court

Always try to retain a competent attorney because you are up often against seasoned law enforcement officers who specialize in traffic.

Always dress appropriately (that does not mean a shirt and tie but rather no sandals, no shorts, no tank tops, no hats, etc.)

Always be on time.

Always address the Traffic Magistrate by saying Your Honor.

Always show respect towards the police officer and the Judge.

Do not interrupt the Judge.

Do not call the police officer a liar.

Bring any documents or pictures that you want the Traffic Magistrate to consider because this is your one and only hearing and you cannot tell the Judge what the documents and/or pictures would show if they were available (hearsay).

Bring any witnesses that you may have because this is your one and only hearing and you cannot tell the Judge what they would say if present (hearsay).

Only answer the questions that are posed to you and do not give narratives. Yes and no and I don't recall are almost always the best answers.

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