No ConvictionDUI Accident / Boca / Reduced to Reckless Driving
Invalidated at DMV HearingDUI Accident Refusal Suspension
Dismissed2nd DUI / Palm Beach / All Evidence Suppressed Unlawful Detention
Dismissed2nd DUI / Broward / All Evidence Suppressed Unlawful Detention
Client Found Not GuiltyCriminal Mischief / Broward
No Suspension / No PointsSpeeding 126 MPH in a 45
DismissedWife Accused of Domestic Violence Boca
Settled for 10K Policy LimitsAuto Accident/Zero Property Damage

Dirty Little Secret – Drug Conviction = 2 year License Suspension

Any Misdemeanor or Felony conviction for the possession of any drug, including cannabis, is punishable by a 2 year driver license revocation. This is a little known fact that has resulted in countless suspensions. The potential for jail time and/or probation, the stigma associated with a drug conviction, and the 2 year driver license suspension resulting from any drug conviction makes the hiring of an attorney a must even in Misdemeanor cases involving miniscule amounts of marijuana.

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