DUI Accident/Boca/ Reduced to Reckless DrivingNo Conviction
DUI Accident Refusal SuspensionInvalidated at DMV Hearing
2nd DUI/Palm Beach/ All Evidence Suppressed Unlawful DetentionDismissed
2nd DUI Accident/Broward/ All Evidence Suppressed Unlawful DetentionDismissed
Criminal Mischief/BrowardClient Found Not Guilty
Speeding 126 MPH in a 45No Suspension/No Points
Wife Accused of Domestic Violence BocaDismissed
Auto Accident/Zero Property DamageSettled for 10K Policy Limits

Motions to Expunge or Seal

On many offenses that are either No Filed, Nolle Prossed or otherwise dismissed, or in which the Defendant is found not guilty, the Defendant is entitled to apply to expunge the arrest record and all records pertaining to the incident (Clerk, State, local law enforcement, FDLE, etc.). An Expungement means that all records pertaining to the incident are actually destroyed -- an Expungement is the most a citizen can do to keep his or her good name and good reputation. On many offenses in which the citizen receives a sentence of a Withheld Adjudication, the citizen is entitled to apply for a Records Sealing which means that the Clerk, State, local law enforcement and the FDLE etc. are not permitted to display or give out any information regarding the case except under very limited and exceptional circumstances. Although not quite as effective as an Expungement, a Records Sealing really cleans up a record. We handle the whole Expungement/Sealing process from beginning to end which includes dealing with the application, setting a Hearing, and attending the Hearing and arguing your case. Although the Judge's decision to Expunge or Seal is discretionary, we almost always prevail.

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