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Driving While License Suspended with Knowledge

Driving While License Suspended with Knowledge (Florida Statute 322.34) - Very few people know that a citizen can be arrested for this charge, that the subject vehicle can be searched and then impounded, and that the citizen can be taken to jail. There are many different types of suspensions: late response to traffic tickets, not paying court costs and/or fines, insurance lapses, points suspensions, DUI suspensions, drug suspensions, etc. As is illustrated below, the more of these charges that you pick up, the more serious the trouble that you are in:

  • First Conviction = 2nd Degree Misdemeanor
  • 2nd Conviction = 1st Degree Misdemeanor
  • 3rd Conviction = 3rd Degree Felony

It is very important that you not drive around with a Suspended License and we excel at clearing suspensions and in doing all that it takes to get the client legally back on the road.

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