Common Criminal Terms

Statute of Limitations - a limit on the time in which the State can bring charges following the occurrence of an alleged crime.

No File - State dismisses the case prior to filing an Information

Nolle Prosse - State dismisses the case at any time after the filing of an Information

Speedy trial - the right of a citizen to be brought to Trial within a certain period of time following an arrest or the filing of an Information

Felonies = 175 days
Misdemeanors = 90 days

No Contest Plea - a formal declaration by the accused that he will not contest or defend a pending criminal charge and authorizing the Court to enter a judgment and sentence. Such a plea can be entered and presented to the Judge as part of a negotiated plea with the State or can be presented to the Judge without the blessing of the State.

Withheld Adjudication - a criminal sentence imposed by a Judge that does not involve a conviction but still involves punishment.

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